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The Pride of The African Culture by Eshu Ni We.

CongoMania® is a brand oriented to the Yoruba religion or what is known is Latin America and the Caribbean as Santeria, founded in Venezuela in the year 2006 and relaunched Internationally from the City of Miami in the year 2017.

We Focus on the deities of the Yoruba pantheon like Shango, Eleggua, Yemaya, Orula, among others.

CongoMania® Company

Miramar, Florida, EE. UU.


Amazing Designs, great variety of yoruba ashe products!

Mary Rodriguez

Great collection. I already have many Congomania products and I will continue buy more I love Eshu.

Angel Colls

Saludos desde Mexico, soy hija de Eleggua y he comprado el case del Iphone 7 de Eshu, me encanta!

Sandra Morales